Logo of Group Analysis South West (GASW) Photo of the front of the Group Analysis South West (GASW) building

Welcome To Group Analysis South West

Group Analysis South West (GASW) is based in Bristol and is a training and accrediting organisational member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

GASW offers workshops, courses and training for individuals in the health, psychotherapy and other helping professions. These are also of relevance to those working in and with groups in business, education, criminal justice, and other fields.

GASW members provide group and individual psychotherapy to individuals experiencing emotional and relationship difficulties. It has a network of trained group analysts and psychotherapists across the South West of England including Exeter, Totnes, Bath and Frome.

GASW therapists come from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds and have experience of working in statutory and voluntary agencies. GASW's full members are on the registry of the UKCP and adhere to its code of ethics.