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Courses And Training

Diploma of Advanced Learning in the Application of Group-Analytic Principals to Group Work in an Agency Setting

This course is for those who have completed one of GASW's accredited Introductory Courses. Its aim is to provide further training for those who have an interest in group analysis to support both their clinical practice and professional development.

There are five components to this course:

This paper is to be written and presented after completion of the supervised clinical work. It supports the integration of clinical practice and theory and the development of personal areas of interest in group-analytic work.

The Diploma will be awarded on acceptance of the clinical paper, a satisfactory report from the supervision seminar leader and attendance of 80% of each of the first three components of the course. The award is at the discretion of the Council of GASW, which considers the recommendations of its Training Committee.

Please note the Diploma is not a qualification to practice group analytic psychotherapy independently.

Diploma Course Brochure

For further information, please contact the Training Convenor using the details below.