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Supervision Services

Group Analysis South West (GASW) offers services that place the clinical work of individuals and teams within an organisational and social context.

Supervision Of Clinical Work

Reflective Practice Groups

Reflective Practice Groups support staff teams wanting to think about the impact of their work on individual team members and the team-as-a-whole and how the relationships within the team might affect the work of both the individual members and the team-as-a-whole.

Group Analysis South West (GASW) can provide Reflective Practice Groups for staff teams and clinical practitioners at their place of work e.g. arts and psychotherapy teams, residential workers, hospital ward staff, social work teams.

Group Analysis South West is planning a work reflection group to be run in termly blocks of one and a half hour sessions on a fortnightly basis. Please click here for more information (opens in new window).

Work With Organizations

Group Analysis can be used to understand the relationships that operate within an organization and between the organisation and the outside world as it strives to fulfill its primary task.

At times of change difficulties can emerge in these relationships thus undermining the work and development of an organisation.

Group Analysis South West (GASW) provides group analytic consultants to identify these areas of difficulty and facilitate the process of change.